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Utica Mining Company
General Merchandise - 1889-1898

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Original Utica Mining Company general merchandise bills scanned and posted in chronological order.

J.P. Peirano, May 1, 1889 - Bill for borax, ax handles,
axes, wire, powder, candles, rope, and oil cans.

Utica Mining Co. - J P Peirano billhead general merchandise 05-01-1889


J. C. Scribner, June, 1889 - Bill for express charges,
acid, screen, screws, springs, sulpher, message D. Donnelly,
Message Hauselt, finish nails, money order R Inch, caps, message Chas. T. Bridge,
message Rix & Firth, bottle umber, nails, brush, glue, brads, ink (?) tool, wire.

Utica Mining Co. - J.C. Scribner, General Merchandise - Bill head June 1889


J.C. Scribner, July 1889 - Bill for chloroform, arnica, muslim,
medicine, bed pan, fuse, castile soap, express charges, castor oil,
window springs, buttons, auger, handle, roll paper, bonder, bed oil.

Utica Mining Co. - J.C. Scribner bill July 1889


J. C. Scribner, January 1, 1890 - Bill for Message Chas. T. Bridge,
whip, message to Alvinza Hayward, express charges, castor oil,
money order, curry comb, salt, coal oil (used for lighting),
collander, pail, stewpan, hinges, hooks, locks, bolt, window shades,
saw, medicine Williams, mucilage, message T. Simmonds to William Moyle.

Utica Mining Company - J. C. Scribner Bill January 1, 1890


J. P. Peirano, January 1, 1890 - Bill for wire, lamp globe, whiskey and axe.

Utica Mining Company - J. P. Peirano Groceries Provisions and Dry Goods, Angels Camp, CA - January 1, 1890


M. Arendt, January 3, 1890 - Bill for Gum boots and horse blankets.

Utica Mining Company - M. Arendt - Bill for Gum boots and horse blankets, January 3, 1890


J. C. Scribner, April 1, 1890 - Bill for gold pans, message Petro,
book, hammers, message John Faull, message Chas. T. Bridge, caps,
message Donnelly and Howard, rope, rosin, message William Moyle.

Utica Mining Company - J. C. Scribner, April 1, 1890 - Bill for general merchandise


J. P. Peirano, May 1, 1890 - Bill for nails, file, oatmeal for sick horse,
hinges, bolts, whiskey, barley.

J.P. Peirano to Utica Mining Company, May 1, 1890 - General Merchandise Bill


J. C. Scribner, June 1, 1890 - Bill for lampwick, chamed line, express charges,
message Hayward & H, drilling, auger, harness soap, brush, powder,
message Lane, oil can, oil, message Hayward & H, medicine Hogate,
message H. G. Davis to C. D. Lane, message Chas. T. Bridge to Capt. Eagan,
paints, pencils, glue, rope, message Davis to Rix & Firth.

J. C. Scribner bill to Utica Mine for general merchandise June 1, 1890










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