Charles D. Lane and
Anna Garrard Lane

A Life of Mining in the West

Charlie Lane Launched Angels Camp's Golden Era Biography courtesy of Las Calaveras Quarterly Bulletin of the Calaveras Historical Society, April, 1993

The Lanes 1870 prospecting camp was near this East Walker River Ranch

1840: Charles David Lane was born in Palmyra, Missouri November 15, 1840.

1845: Anna Garrard was born in Clay County, Kentucky, February 1845.

1853: The Lane and Garrard families emigrated west with the Duckwall - Trahern wagon train over Sonora Pass, California. Teams of oxen wagons and mounted riders drove herds of cattle, mules, and horses over a route described as 'Strewn with wreckage of prarie schooners, oxen yoke & bleached animal bones'.That summer approx, 600 wagons, 2400 emigrants and 19,000 head of cattle used this route...from the "Emigrants of 1852 - 1853" Monument located at Kennedy Meadows. The Lane's wagon train landed in Stockton, California, and they settled in Knights Ferry, California situated along the Stanislaus river.

The Price family was also on this epic overland journey, and remained close friends and mining associates with the Garrards and the Lanes thoughout the next 50 years from Angels Camp to Alaska.

Charles D. Lane Alaska Mining Hall of Fame inductee biography

Spiritualism guided Charlie Lane

Charles D Lane Spirits photo

Photo Courtesy of the Demarest Family Collection,
Holt-Atherton Special Collections,
University of the Pacific Library
Online Archive Collection

Alex Fu Choy,
Lane family cook for many years

Lane Family Cook, Angels camp
Photo Courtesy of the Demarest Family Collection,
Holt-Atherton Special Collections,
University of the Pacific Library
Online Archive Collection







Knights Ferry Mill   Knights Ferry Covered Bridge 2014

Knights Ferry Mill and Covered Bridge

1860's: Knights Ferry, west of the Masonic Hall and across the canyon road was the site of Major Lane’s Hotel which flourished when the town was young, it burned in 1864 but was rebuilt shortly after.

1861: Charles D. Lane and his older brother Andrew J. Lane settled in Mason Valley, Utah Territory (Nevada).

1862: Charles D. Lane bought a corner parcel of Mason Valley Ranch, NV and built the Lane - Johnson water ditch Chinese labor most likely from worked out California placer mines built the ditches.

1864: Charles and Anna married on June 15, 1864 in Calaveras County, California. They relocated to Mason Valley Nevada where CD ranched and prospected. Anna's parents Mary Rebecca Woodson Garrard and William Mountjoy Garrard and family lived nearby.

The Lane Family

Charlie and Anna's Children

Frank G Lane 1865-70   Frank G Lane     Frank G Lane

1865: The Lane's first son Frank Garrard Lane was born on August 28, 1865. Tragically, in 1870 he died at of a sudden illness at only 5 years of age. It was a devistating and difficult time. They were struggling to survive in Nevada's Cambridge Hills mining district on the East Walker River. That winter Charles and Anna buried Frank next to the custom mill where they were living. Wagon tracks and diggings are still visible in the hills nearby.

1866: C.D. Lane's partner William K. Johnson murdered in Mason Valley

   Tom T Lane, Superintendent of the Utica Mine    Big Hurrah Mine

Thomas T. Lane                          Big Hurrah Mine, Alaska

1869: Thomas Travis Lane born May 3, 1869 he was a brave and extraoridnary miner and entreprenuer. He cared about his men and was involved in several dangerous rescue missions in the mine and reservoir flood. Tom was partners with his brother Louis in the Big Hurrah Mine in Alaska.

Louis Lane Kayaking

Cpt. Louis Lane kayaking 1913, photo courtesy of

Captain Louis Lane cutting crewmembers hair

Captain Lane cutting Arctic Sam's hair, photo courtesy of
New Bedford Whaling Museum

Ila Eulalia Allen with Anita Allen   Ila Lane home Palo Alto

1870: Ila Eulalia Lane Allen was born at Walker River, Nevada, in November 1870. Ila and her husband Theo Allen had a close relationship to the Lanes living in Nevada, Idaho, California and Nome, Alaska where her 2nd daughter Mary Allen Postlewaite was born in 1903.

Paul Garrard Lane 1873-1909    Humboldt River, Palisade, Nevada

1872: Paul Garrard Lane was born in Crescent City, CA on October 13, 1872 he was a rancher and miner. Paul spent many years cattle ranching in Palisade NV. In Alaska, Paul prospected and mined for the Wild Goose Mining Company and also supervised his brothers Louis and Tom's claims.


Captain Louis L. Lane   Old Alaska Map - Louis Lane Voyage

1879: Louis Leon Lane born May 19, 1879 he was a very well respected Captain of the sea, known for his skill and luck navigating the Arctic north, including the epic voyage of the schooner Polar Bear. Louis was one of the owners of the Big Hurrah mine in Alaska.

C D Lane Mines:

Cambridge Hills, 1865 - Nevada
Big Bonanza Bar, 1879 - Idaho
Indian Queen Mine, Nevada
Connelly Mine, Nevada
Del Norte, California
Utica Mine, 1882 - California
Gold Cliff Mine, California
Stickle Mine, California
Carson Creek, California
Cold Cliff Mine, California
Madison Mine, California
Big Canyon Mine, California
Peachy Placer, California
Chainman Mine, 1897 - Nevada
Tacoma Mine, Washington
Harqualaha Mine, 1894 -Arizona
La Fortuna Mine, 1896 - Arizona
La Grand Oro, Nevada
Chicagof Mine, Alaska
Juneau Mining Co., Alaska
Wild Goose Mine, Alaska
Arctic Chief Mine, Yukon CAN
Big Hurrah Mine, Alaska
Brown's Valley, California
Fuller First Claim, Alaska
Smith and Heid, Alaska

Utica Mine Photos below from
1902 "Idler Magazine"

Utica Mine End Shift
Utica Mine - End shift



Utica Mine Livery Bill Link

Utica Mine Livery Bill 1889
click for large version


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Utica Mine Hoist and 60 stamp mill

UTICA MINE, Angels Camp, California

1884: At age 44, Charles D. Lane was an experienced miner when he and his partners acquired the Utica mine from Robert Leeper for $10,000.

The Utica Mine by F.B. Millard from "The Idler" Magazine Article, March 1902 - Outstanding article with excellent history and photos Also includes content about Lane and Hayward's Spiritualism and Mrs. Robinson the psychic medium.

Gold Cliff Ore Cars
Gold Cliff Cars of Ore




Utica Mine, Angels Camp      Utica Mine Time book, Angels Camp CA
Utica Mine, Angels Camp,                                Utica Mine Time Book 1889

San Francisco Call, December 25, 1889
Sixteen Miners Lose Their Lives in the Lane Quartz Mine
San Andreas December 24th.—On Sunday afternoon at about 2 o'clock, a cave occurred in the Lane mine at Angel's Camp, by which sixteen men lost their lives. The news did not reach this place till Monday morning, as all telegraphic communication with Angel's was cut off by the storm. A special reporter at once started for the place on horseback, the roads and creeks being impassible for vehicles. The trip was accompanied by no little peril, owing to the swollen streams.
As soon as the town of Angel's was reached it was apparent that something terrible had happened, as all the mills had been shut down and the citizens were gathered in little knots, speaking in hushed tones.
at the scene of the disaster sturdy miners were at work endeavoring to reach the interior of the mine. Women and children, whose husbands and fathers and relatives were in the mine, stood about wringing their hands and weeping. Strong men broke down.Read Full Article

Utica Mine - Powder, Fuse and Caps bill
Utica Mine Powder Fuse and Caps 1890
by Charles T. Bridge

San Francisco Call, January 6, 1891
A Dozen Men Dashed to Death in the Utica Mine. San Andreas. January 5th.—Eleven or twelve men were killed in the Utica mine at Angels Camp to-day. A load of men were being lowered on a skip and when about 150 feet from the surface the rope broke, precipating all a distance of 150 feet to the bottom of the shaft. no particulars yet. San Francisco, January 5th.—No additional particulars have been received here up to midnight of the disaster at the Utica mine at Angels Camp to day. There is no telegraph service to Angels and the stages from that place will not arrive at Milton, San Andreas or other outlying points before to-morrow. Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

Utica Mine Sulphurets Assay
Returns of Sulphurets received Gold Cliff Mine July 12, 1890

San Francisco Call, May 4, 1899
Electric Power for the Utica.
SAN ANDREAS, May The Utica Mining Company was granted to-day by the Supervisors of Calaveras County the right to erect and maintain an electricpower line from Union Lake to Angels Camp. This means the Utica company will not use the full supply of water hitherto necessary and that there will be water for the other important mines in Angels Camp that are now closed for lack of a supply. The board also granted the Sheep Ranch Mining Company the right to erect a private telephone to San Andreas, which will bring the Sheep Ranch mine in touch with direct telegraphic communication at this place.
Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

Original company checks signed by C. D. Lane

Utica Mine Check - CD Lane

San Francisco Call, September 12, 1903
The facts concerning the closing down of the Utica mine, the famous old producer of wealth in Calaveras County, have not been completely stated. The Calaveras Prospect says that what has been closed is a pmall part of the property.
The fact that the Utica mine has closed down at Angels has been widely circulated in the press of the State and is likely to create a false impression in the way the story is told. It may be well to give some explanation of the matter. The name Utica has been generally applied to the extensive holdings of the Utica Company, which comprises Alviuza Hayward, the Hobart Estate Company and C D Lane. Though the Utica mine was the original mine that gave the name to the company, the fact is that this mine was only one of the many mines, and for many years has produced but a small part of the bullion.
In addition to the Utica, the Stickle, the Madison and the Gold Cliff are the chief mines ot the group. The main shaft of the Utica was the must northerly of the group of mines. Then came the south shaft of the Utica, which has been out of commission since the big cave which occurred some twelve years ago. Then came the Stickle and later the Cross shaft, through the last two of which most of the gold has come of late years. The Gold Cliff and the Madison shafts are on a different lead.
The pay shoot of the main Utica lead pitched to tha south, and at a depth of less than 1000 feet the old Utica north shaft was out of pay. The ground about the north shaft has been pretty well worked out. and has been subject to a general subsidence from the surface. For several years it has been difficult to run the old Utica mill, as the ground beneath it warped and wrenched it out of all semblance of mechanical rules.
The ore from the Stickle and Cross shafts has all been worked in the Stickle mill on the either side of the hill, and the Gold Cliff and Madison have each a mill of their own. The closing of the Utica part of the mine, therefore, is but a small part of the great mine, and is no more than has been expected for some time. Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

Charles D. Lane

Charles D. Lane, Utica Mine owner
Click here for large image

CHAIN MAN MINE, Lane City, Nevada

1896: Chain Man Mine optioned by Charles Lane in Lane City (formerly Mineral City) NV

1896: Lane City, Nevada , The Chainman Mine, managed by Thomas T. Lane

1897: San Francisco Call, April 9, 1897
Secret of Charles D. Lane's Success in Mining Ventures.
Said by a Friend to Depend Entirely Upon Trance Mediums.Takes Their Advice When Considering tha Acquisition of Prospect Properties.

LOS ANGELES, Cal., April 8.-The luck of Charles D. Lane, the millionaire mine-owner of San Francisco, as a prospector and the purchaser of prospects, which have subsequently proved to be immensely rich properties, is often commented upon throughout the mining regions of the Pacific Slope. Lane has a large acquaintance among practical miners, who regard his judgment about mining properties as almost infallible. An expression heard among miners is that "wherever Lucky Lane goes fortune surely follows."
   In view of his uniform good fortune miners and prospectors watch his numerous operations with eagle eyes. Lane, it is said, never touches a claim which does not turn out well. Some of his most valuable mining properties were most unpromising when he acquired them. Many a poor prospector has laughed over the millionaire's credulity in buying a "prospect hole," but in each case the man who parted with his mine has been made to regret his hasts. In a few days usually tbe properties purchased for a few dollars have been found to be worth thousands and tens of thousands.
   But, what has passed for luck with Mr. Lane for so many years is declared by a friend to have been based on a careful and methodical procedure, wherein the occult has figured extensively. A miner just in from the desert, who knows the owner of the famous Fortuna well, says that Mr. Lane never makes a purchase of any mining property without first consulting a spirit medium for pointers and assurances. When a claim is offered to Mr. Lane he procures specimens of the ore and then goes direct to his medium for advice. Seances are always held over the fragments of quartz or granite, and if the medium says "buy" he does so. If she says "nay" no amount cf persuasion or cut rates can ever induce the millionaire to put up money on such a claim. The medium on whom Mr. Lane now principally depends for his great good luck resides in Oakland. Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

Charles D. Lane offered $650,000 for the Yellow Aster Mine in Randsburg, CA

San Francisco Call, Jan 23 1898
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Lane left Washington, D. C, yesterday. Mrs. Lane returns home and Mr. Lane is on his way to Mexico

Amador Ledger, June 1, 1900
EL DORADO COUNTY. Republican: Work is being vigorously prosecuted on the Ribbon Rock mine again under the management of Mr. Davis. Since Hayward & Lane took their second bond on the property they have enlarged the shaft, making it a double compartment to a depth of about 200 feet and they have now commenced sinking.

Charles D. Lane, Charcol Portrait from the Utica Mansion, Angels Camp, CA
Charles D. Lane

Anna Garrard Lane
Anna Garrard Lane

C D Lane Famous Miner is Dying article SF Call















Wild Goose Mining Company Stock Certificate

Story of the Climax A-313 Wild Goose Rail Road engine restoration by Corry Rails


Schooner Vega
Steam Schooner Barbara Hernster
Steamer Pauline
Steamer Oregon,Transported the Wild Goose Rail Road
Steamer Lillie
Steamer Townsend
The River Steamer Gosling
Steamer Charles D Lane formerly "Irrawaddy"

1900: Steamer "Charles D Lane" Leaves for Nome San Francisco Call, June 8, 1900

1901: Steamship "Charles D. Lane total Wreck on Univak", San Francisco Call, Aug 1, 1901

The 325 foot iron steamer Charles D Lane stranded in a thick fog at Cape Mohican on the NW end of Nunivak Island at 11:06 p.m. Saturday July 13, 1901. By the evening of July 16th the vessel was filled with sand and water. The 53 crew and passengers took refuge in the Schooner Vega, which the Charles D Lane had been towing, and returned to Nome.
Mapping and Location : Westcentral Alaska 60 12 N 167 25 W Chart 16006
Additional Informaton : Tonnage 1608 Net, Length 325.5, Breadth 36.1, Depth 19.5, Built 1873 at Dumbarton Scotland, Registration San Francisco, ON 100640, Master C W Ames of Seattle, Owner Wild Goose Mining and Trading Company of San Francisco, Last Port Nome July 12 bound for Seattle, Vessel Value $140,000, Cargo none, Vessel Insurance $50,000, Weather light southerly wind with moderate swells
Source : U S Customs Wreck Report filed October 24, 1901 by H G Stevenson, secretary for Wild Goose Mining Company


1905: Los Angeles Herald, June 2, 1905
Claims That It Paid Thirty Per Cent Dividends Last Year on the Capital Stock
By Associated Press. SEATTLE, Wash., June 1— Charles D. Lane, a Nome mining man and president of the Wild Goose Mining company, has sold his stock to San Francisco capitalists for $600,000. The deal was closed May 24 but has been pending for some time. The company owns about a hundred claims. Last year It cleaned up about $1,000,000 in gold and declared a 30 per cent dividend on the capital stock of $1,000,000. Lane's reason for selling Is said to be that he was dissatisfied with the methods of the claim factions of the company, headed hy Ulman, the San Francisco distiller. Mr. Ulman, Dr. Arnold, vice president of the company, and I. W. Ulman, Jr., were members of the controlling factions. Lane Is on his way here from San Francisco. Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

"C D Lane Well Known California Mining Man Goes Blind in the North", San Francisco Call, August 19, 1905 Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection
"C D Lane Purchases 10 Fine locations for $110,000" in Nome San Francisco Call, November 13, 1905Courtesy of California Digital Newspaper Collection

Wild Goose Rail Road, Nome Alaska 1905

The Wild Goose Rail Road was 80 miles long, tracks were laid directly on the frozen ground.

Map courtesy of Erik Handeland, thank you! Click here for large image

1905: Charles D. Lane Biography from: Nome and Seward Peninsula: history, description, biographys and stories by Edward Sanford Harrison, 1905 The Metropolitan Press Publisher

1909: Telegram from Anna G. Lane, her son Paul G. Lane and cousin Silas W. Hays never made it to their destination, tragically they both drowned in Devil's Creek, Alaska. Paul was found and buried by native residents on the bank, then reinterrned by the family in Seward, Alaska. Sadly Silas was never found, their families were distraught, espeicially their wives, babies and children, all broken hearted.

1911: C.D. LANE, FAMOUS MINER, IS DYING San Francisco Call, May 23, 1911
Charles D. Lane Came West When He Was 12
Charles D. Lane, Pioneer miner and mine operator, died yesterday morning at 10 o'clock at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Theophilus Allen, 601 Melville avenue, Palo Alto. He was 72 years old and from the time he came into the west from his home at Palmyra. Mo., at the age of 12. He was actively engaged in developing mines in all the western states. Mexico and Alaska.
Lane was associated at one time with Hobart & Hayward. He was a Mason and a member of the Pacific Union ciub. His most successful mines were the Utica mine at Angels, Cal.; the Fortuna in Arizona and the Wild Goose at Nome, Alaska.
Lane is survived by his wife, Mrs. Anna G. Lane; two sons, T. T. Lane and L. L. Lane, and his daughter, Mrs. Allen.
In Lane's will his wife is made sole beneficiary. In the last few years, on account of his blindness, which came upon him in 1905, all his independent interests were incorporated in the Lane investment company, which includes, among other large holdings, a third interest in the Utica mine.
The funeral will be held from the Allen residence in Palo Alto at 10:30 o'clock Monday morning; and will be simple and without flowers. The body will be taken to Cypress Lawn cemetery for cremation.



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