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Ila Lane Allen

   Ila Eulalia Allen with Anita Allen    Ila Allen and Anna Lane   Theophilus Allen, Palo Alto CA
      Baby Anita and Ila Lane
                Ila and Anna G. Lane                     Theophilus Allen

1870: Ila Eulalia Lane was born in Walker River, Nevada, November 1870. She lived in several mining camps, moving around the western United States with her family. In 1901, the Allens along with their young daughters Anita and Mary, moved to Nome, Alaska, Ila's husband Theophilus Allen was a mining engineer, he worked for her father Charles D Lane at the Wild Goose Mining Company.

Anita Allen Nome Alaska     Mary and Anita Allen, Palo Alto CA
     Anita Allen at school in Nome Alaska, 1903                                                                                Mary and Anita Allen

1905: The Allen family settled in Palo Alto, California, where they became founders of the Christian Science Church. They were very much loved by their family and community. During 1905-1912, Ila's father CD Lane spent his last years there with the Allens in his special quarters of their beautiful craftsman home at 601 Melville St.

1922: Christian Science Journal Volume 39 by Ila Lane Allen -
BEFORE Christian Science came into my life I was without God without a church, and had no hope of any satisfaction in human experience. My conclusions as to the riddle of existence were based upon observation of the world about me. Those who had obtained their objective ideals in various directions in human affairs, were still groping in the dark, unhappy and dissatisfied in spite of ambitions apparently fulfilled. With this in constant view it appeared that any material effort on my part, in whatever direction, would prove aimless and hollow, absolutely empty, pointless, and vain.
     While I was drifting along in such wise, but still cherishing the desire for good and its right manifestation, Christian Science presented itself for investigation, and here I found God's opportunity, which was immediately accepted, and my quest was ended. With Truth found I at once commenced the study of "Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures" by Mary Baker Eddy, and I began to find the Bible which hitherto had been a sealed book, full of promise and hope. Various healings in the family at this juncture made it evident that the teachings of Christian Science were unfolding and the revelation thus seen proved the truth of Jesus' promise: "Ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free"-- (Mrs.) Ila Lane Allen, Palo Alto, California










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